Drs. Orders - Keep it Elevated

My ankle started hurting today so I texted my Dr. He told me to make sure to keep it elevated.

I have this amazing chair at my desk with a little foot stand that u normally keep my foot up elevated on.

But when I showed the Dr he said it needed to be a little more elevated, and that the chair rest was too low.

So I propped up my cast onto my desk. But it just wasn't comfy. Although, it was fun to have my foot up on a pillow and to have my soles on display as my coworkers kept coming into my office.

This picture was taken right after my coworker brought me a few Bangs and came in my office trying to tickle my toes.

Because I was in pain, everyone was offering to help me out all day. I felt so cared for and it was so very sweet.

Shortly after this I texted my Dr again because the pain wasn't going away.

He told me if I was in pain that I should go home and prop it up on some pillows. He advised to me to stop using the rope as it could cause pressure points and wear out the padding.

I couldn't just go home, but luckily we had some pillows in the studio. So I crutched over and got one to prop up my cast comfortably and high on my desk.

Felt kinda funny working like this at first. But after a little while the pain started to subside.

And I won't lie, I've got quite the view from my desk.

What would you think if you came into my office and found my cast like this?

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