For Christmas my family and I went to a Treehouse Village in the Jungle of Samana, Domincan Republic.

When I checked in, they gave me the most adventerous room available.
Meaning I had to climb 3 flights of stairs and a ladder to get into my room.

Apparently, someone didn't get the memo that I am super clumsy.

One day after drinking a lot of mamajuana, I fell down my ladder onto my knee and my hips.
I was in the jungle and in the treehouse for a few days before I came back home to get checked out by a Dr.

This folder includes video updates of the description of my injury. 3 days of small updates in the treehouse.
Talking about the pain, the injury, demonstrating how hard it is to get around, hopping around in my treehouse and eventually hobbling and struggling down the stairs to another room. 

After getting back into the states I went to the Dr. and found out I have a fracture in the top of my femer, a stable fracture in my patella (knee cap), and a stress fracture on my ankle probably from all the activity prior to my fall. I got checked out in urgent care, and so they said I needed to go see a specialist in order to receive the proper treatment (most likely a 1.5 HS).

I've seen a specialist before, and I know how expensive it can be. So rather than pay an outragous fee to be seen at the Dr. I thought it would be better to go up to Canada and get casted by a cast partner who has been in a Med 1.5 previously. It will be nice to have someone to take care of me and help me content as I make updates.

This folder will contain all sorts of content as I heal and recover from this crazy injury.

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If you want both the nice and a bit of extra struggling, more pain, some sexy content in lingerie, and content with more of a sexy overtone choose Naughty

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1 1/2 HS ( Full Story )

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