Yay! You are all set to make it rain and have some fun with me on my next LIVE game.

The tokens will work on all platforms when I go live, IG, Youtube and MyFreeCams.

How you can use them:

When you first get online mention when and how many tokens you’ve purchased. I will verify and give you the thumbs up to play.For example:

@yourname : Hey Princess, it’s @yourname I purchased 3000 tokens today.

@Princess : Okay great, you are verified

Then to make requests please list the item you are buying and the cost, and then keep track of how many tokens you have. For example:

@Yourname: 25 tokens for a Chance Card (2975 Remaining)

You can purchase the tokens through MyFreeCams.  But if you buy them through my site instead, I get to keep much more, it goes through my business, and I will send you pictures as a souvenir after the show. Please just send me a DM to remind me after :)

Cast Chance Cards at 25 Tokens. But if you don’t want to chance it, here is a full menu of requests!

10 Request a Song
20 Ask Me Anything
30 Full Injury Story - Current, Past, or Made-up

Add/ Remove
11/21 Thick Sock 12/22 Tights 13/23 Leggings 25/15 All Braces

Give me a workout!
One Minute/ Five Minutes/ Ten Minutes


55/355/755  Underarm/Millennial Crutching 
33/333/633  Forearm Crutching
232/632/1232 Hopping


100 ASMR
- 50 Whisper your name

- 200 Tell a dirty story

Sign my Cast - Near Toes/Under foot - 2000   - Near Thigh - 1000 - Leg 200

Want to really turn me on? 100 Tie me up 100 Spank Me

Buy me a 20 Bang 50 Beer 42.0 Bowl

Add another cast   500 SAC 700 LAC 777 SLC 1000 LLC

Raffle into a FREE Castventure Folder ($50 Value) 50
Raffle for a FREE 15 Minute Skype Session 10

Tips  15 Cute 155 Love 555 Lust

100 Game Tokens