I'm so in love with this 90° angle in my knee. It feels so sexy. This folder set includes clips and videos made over the weekend while I was in the LLC and then a few days worth of content when I cut it down to an SLC. 

Lots of footage showing off the cast, crutching around the house and in public (in lingerie), ASMR, hopping, socks, and a few custom requests. 

All files included:

2:30 video when I first got the cast showing off the cast while it hangs from a rope sling on my bed, crutching around a bit in my house and learning to balance the knee on my crutches, and panning over the cast showing off the details as I run my nails down the cast.
Pictures of me in bed in lingerie and a tiara with my LLC hanging from a rope sling. 
5 Minutes of a LIVE video where I do LIVE requests like ASMR, crutching, hopping, etc. 

Kitchen : 
Coffee : 2 minute video of me struggling a bit to make coffee while staying NWB on my crutches. A bit of hopping, crutching, and resting my llc on my crutch. 
Baking: 6.5 minutes of me struggling to make Garlic bread after returning from Fremont (in a corset and bootie shorts). Lots of hopping and balancing on one leg while the camera pans over the cast.

Videos and pictures of me going out to Fremont dressed in a corset, booty shorts, and leather jacket with tights on my good leg, and the LLC on my injured leg.
2 minutes of me crutching through the parking garage and on Fremont, having to hop down the stairs inside the casino, stopping to rest my leg on my crutch, and crutching around while I a man hollers nice things at me from a bar balcony.

Special Requests: 
3-minute video of me getting ready with my toes on the counter in front of me. After my hair and makeup are done I finish the video getting my poor toes all lotioned up. 
40 seconds of me attempting to lick my toes. But it's pretty hard with this angle :P 
1:30 video scratching my toes and the bottom of the cast with a pen. 

10 minute video of me crutching through Target shopping after I cut it down to a SLC. 


90° Knee and SLC (Cut Down)