For her first cast, I put her in a pink SAC and SLC combo for a few days. Then she continues to wear the SLC for the rest of the week.

Her first folder contains a mix of traditional cast content (crutching, ASMR, toe closeups, socks, etc), combined with a ton of content that she combines casts with her DDLG kink (bondage, pacis, diapers, vibes, etc.)

She and I made a few videos and took some pictures while I was there. But when I left. I gave her and her partner full control of the kind of kinky sexy content they wanted to include. While much of the content they made is amateur, it is fun, kinky, and very naughty!

You can see in this set she had a blast with her cast! And she is looking forward to doing an LLC set next. In the next set, I will be much more hands-on with creating much more traditional content, in addition to her kinky fun. So let me know what you would like to see her do next in her upcoming LLC. And check out and help sponsor future fun through the available sets.

Follow her on IG and reach out to me for any custom request for future casts :)

Nice Folder

One-Armed Crutching Down Stairs Clip
4 Pics

8 SLC Videos
16:45 Public Crutching with Underarm Crutches and Pink and White Striped Socks
1:25 Pink and White Striped Sock Peel and Closeup on Toes
1:29 Closeups on Toes and Knocking
1:51 Vibrator on Cast and Toes
1:00 Walking on Cast with Grey Sock and ASMR
5:47 Closeup on Toes with Walking with Crutches
3:00 Crutching Outside with Pink Fuzzy Sock
8:31 Wheelchair Ride to the Pharmacy with PrincesswithaCast (with Closeups on Toes)

30 SLC Photos

Closeups on Toes
Closeups with Grey Sock - with slipper and slide
Grey Sock in Floral Dress
Being Pushed on Wheelchair by Princess
Wheelchair, and closeups on toes in a wheelchair
PJs and Stuffies with Cast


Daddy’s Punishment :
7:38  DDLG Cast Punishment: After Binding up Baby Girl and punishing her with a vibe, Daddy and BG’s stuffy decides she doesn’t have enough restraint. BG is put into an SLC and SAC with handcuffs and a binkie. She squirms as Daddy shows off her casts and restraints on camera with closeups on her toes (with ASMR). Daddy teases her for having a diaper and then has her crutch back to bed before he fucks her with closeups on her face and SLC as she cums. “

Includes 17 Photos of Unicorn Bound and Vulnerable

Diapered and Cast Little Girl:
9 Pictures of Unicorn in Diapers with her SLC
1:17 Video of Daddy using a Vibrator on Unicorn’s exposed pussy after the diaper has been opened.

Brok.enUnicorn's First Cast

Naughty or Nice