After I break my leg falling off a wobbly chair in the kitchen, I have to get used to living life with a broken leg. This film shoes the fall, and my daily struggle while on crutches in a white LLC. Later, my luck gets worse as I fall out of bed landing in an LLC/LATS combo.

This 26 minute short film includes pain, an injury story, ASMR, toe wiggling, crutching, daily struggles, hopping, lotioning toes, and scenes both with and without socks and more. A little something for every caster. 

This was a fun project and I really hope you enjoy.

After you buy it I will send the Youtube link. 
The file is too big to host on Drive, so only a Youtube link is included. But feel free to download the file off of Youtube after you purchase. 

Unlucky Break LLC & LLC LATS