My 1st FBC 
What an amazing, interesting, and challenging experience.
I lasted 15 hours in the cast before cutting down to several combos over the next day. 

This folder includes several videos and a few pictures of my gorgeously made, Christmas FBC. 

FBC Videos included:
8 minutes of footage looking over the cast as I am taken care of, and as the cast is knocked, scratched, and tapped with narrative describing the experience for me.
A video of EDM moving me from the floor onto the bed as I am unable to do anything.
A handful of cute short Tiktoks; creating the cast, trying on different socks, walking in it before the feet were added, showing off the entire thing. 
Boomerangs of my getting my nose scratched, and moving my fingers and toes. 
3 minutes of the camera panning up and down the cast, showing off diffferent details as I have fun with EDM as he helps me smoke a bowl and I blow smoke rings.

FBC Premium Upgrade ($50) includes: 
4:30 of closeups showing off the entire cast as EDM slowly removes my thick whool socks.
5:18 of ASMR and gentle moaning as my cast is scratched, rubbed, and knocked all over (my favorite part of the entire experience) 
2:46 footage of me waking up unsure of where I am, unsure of how I was casted, shocked, scared and trying to wiggle in the cast but frustrated unable to move. 

A few clips and videos of me hanging out on the couch after we cut out the torso with a few videos of me struggling to move from one side of the couch to the other. 

Close ups on fingers and of toes (both with socks and without)

A tiktok of me snapping with my dlacs as the cute warm and fuzzy socks on my dllcs change to the beat.


We cut down the combo to one LLC, threw on a thick cute whool sock and and went to explore a few Okanagan Vallley Wineries.
This set includes:
Pictures of me getting ready with the cast (in a towel and with booty shorts, and in lingire) 
Pictures of me with the LLC and crutches outside at the winery.
Pictures of me in an old rusty car we came across with my cast and whool sock sticking out the window.

3:30 video of me crutching around outside the first winery.
5:00 Video of my view of EDM cutting off my leg and stretching my leg after. 
:37 ASMR of me rubbing my free foot and my fingernails up and down the cast.

Premium includes: 
A few sexier pictures (more booty and more toes, no nudity)
A video of me in the a wheelchair struggling to remove my own socks and rub my free foot up and down the cast. 

Dual Arms 
My favorite pictures from this set

Pictures of me outside playing in the snow with an beauitful snowy mountain backdrop.
Pictures of me exploring Victoria during the day (beach and forest) and Vancouver at night. 

:27 video of me struggling to put my hat on before we head outside
:16 of me figuring out how to drink coffee with both arms casted in the car
Boomerangs or me throwing snow outside, and a close up of me blowing a kiss with my casted arm 

Premium includes:
1:30 of me struggling to put my dress on.
Sexy lingerie photo set back in the hotel on the bed and looking out the window. 


Christmas FBC and Combos

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