Two casts is always better than one.

During this Castventure my left ankle had been broken for several months and I wanted to switch things up and add another for fun. So I went up to Canada for a DSLC Castventure in which I had lots of fun playing with Cast Daddy's brace collection and attending a 3-day festival (rocking different cast accessories each day!). 

This set includes:

Dual Air Casts (Bonus)
6 Photos 6 Boomerangs 1 Closeup Video Clip

Home Life in DSLC
75 Photos around the house wearing different braces, outfits, lingerie, tights, and bathing with lots of closeups on toes.
:15 Crutching Clip in leggings 
:30 Crutching Down Stairs
1:00 Swinging in Lingerie and Tights
:32 Closeups on Casts in Bath

2 Tik Toks - Dancing and Showing Off Braces

Public Festival in a Wheelchair Chariot
60+ photos and clips were taken over 3 days of going to a festival rocking my DSLC with a cast shoe, socks, bare toes, and plastic bags (when it rained). 

And a few bonus videos and pics of when I cut it down to one SLC and returned home.


DSLC : Purple & White Striped

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