The struggle is real. A few weeks into COVID-19 lockdown, I ended up "breaking my arm". 
Things were already challenging enough, this LATS sure made everything harder.

Two options, sweet or naughty. In this folder, I get naughtier than I have before in the past, as I include 3 masturbation videos.

Chill with me outside as I play with my toes, stretch, go on my swing, and enjoy the day.
20 Pictures 
2 ASMR Videos
2 Crutching Clips
Struggling - Getting Dressed

Struggling - Hair
Struggling - Yoga Swing
Struggling - Got an Itch
Struggling - Open a Beer (pics and video) 
Struggling - Open Gifts
Cast Signing
Smoke Session

Sock Peel with Lotion Exploding on Toes
Struggling with Vibrator
Struggling with Vibrator Over Leggings with CamelToe
Breaking Free to Cum While Restrained



Naughty or Nice