Another part to my wonderful plaster castventure in Montreal. During this castventure I wore two seperate LLCs, one a walking cast, the other was non-weight bearing. It was interesting to compare the two. Included in this video, my good friend Custom_Casts, an expert on his way to cast mastery, explains the structure of the cast heel, with closeups of the cast, the heel, and my toes.

One of my favorite parts of doing these "medical" casts, is coming up with my story and getting into character. In this video I share how I "broke" my leg, and make a few videos at home that demonstrate the stuggle of being broken as I show off the cast as I get ready, and attempt to climb the stairs.

Another one of my favorite parts of casting is the ASMR that I get from it. The sounds, the feelings, the noises that plaster offer with ASMR are sooo very different than fiber. This cast experience was the first experience I have ever had with plaster. And my goodness, I fell in love. Especially with the ASMR. Feeling the cold smooth plaster against my hands as I rub the cast up and down. It was such a lovely new feeling. My brain just fills up with endorphins now even as I remember how amazing it felt. I love doing ASMR videos showing the beauty of all the aspects of the cast. The way it looks, the way it feels, and how it sounds as I scratch and knock, and tap all up and down it. I get carried away away thinking about ASMR, I hope some of you get as much of a kick out of it as I do. 

After getting ready, and taking a bunch of pictures and videos, I am eager to get out.
It was a struggle coming down the same stairs I broke my legs on in my story. In this set there is a video you and you can see the nervousness as I come down this intimidating, inconsistent, spiral staircase as I am still getting used to walking in my cast.

The first was straight, which kept my leg in a constant state of stretch. It had a rubber walking
heel so I was able to walk on it, but it still was hard to get around. So when I went around Montreal I also used crutches and a wheelchair.

I really wanted to check out this mall. It was famous for being built underneath this old church. It was full of people, and so much fun to check out while I was being pushed. I was in awe, it was beautiful and I loved being able to sit down and rest my poor leg, while I took it all in. 

I love taking pictures, broken or not. I have always loved being able to capture memories forever. My pictures mean so much to me as they help me relive my beauitful memories. Well there were these little photo ops everywhere, and I had to take adavtage of them. Even though many were not handicap accesible. I doubt any of you were around, but I could only imagine what a caster would have been thinking watching me. 

Just imagin, I'm wheeling up to these picture spots with my fresh, clean, white plaster long leg cast cast sticking out from my chair. I then struggle to stand up, get off my wheelchair and onto my crutches. I then go through these obstacles to take these lovely pictures. My favorite was in a ball pit. What a challenge, slipping and sliding all over the place as I get into this ball pit on display. All eyes were on me as I lay down on the ground, pose for some pictures, and then struggle to get up and out again.

What a scene to behold, if only the camera was rolling. But included in my folder for sale are the lovely photos that I cherish as trophies for all the hard work that I put into them.

Even with all of that, that large performance that I put on throughout the mall, people were relunctant to look at me. Each moment I had with any who showed any interest or compassion , were all very special.

To get around we took the subway. In one of the videos included, I wasn't able to use my wheelchair down the escalator stairs, so I crutched down the stairs, and boy were there sooo many stairs. When I was in my wheelchair, it seemed like no one wanted to look at me. But you can notice in this video, as I crutch past people, they often turn their necks and watch me as I go by. I haven't been in many subway stations before, so it was all very exciting, but hard to figure out. As I was on crutches, and everything was in French.

Later that night I head to a park fountain. I prop my leg up so that I can sit on the ledge and enjoy the water in my hand. It was so relaxing sitting there in the park getting beautiful pictures and videos to remember the whole ordeal.

I had nothing but amazing experiences in this first LLWC, but I still wanted to try a NWB version with a different angle in the foot to compare. 

The second half of this folder features a NWB LLC on my right leg. I absolutley LOVED the way that this cast shaped and held my leg. It was more of a comfortable and sexier postion, that drove me wild. 
I was definently feeling myself with this cast. And enjoyed posing for pictures with some socks, and tights, and while it elevated in the traction sling. In this set I include a video I talk about how sensitive my bare leg is after being in the LLWC as I rub some cream on it prepare it to be casted again. 

I had such an absolutely amazing experience in these two beautiful casts and I LOVE being able to share this experience with you. Thank you for all the continued support and for funding my ability to have more experiences in the future to share with you <3

Two folders in one really. 

LLWC Folder contains:
2:00 technique video on walking heels
2:50 Video of How I broke my leg
2:25 ASMR video
2:20 video of putting on makeup
2:45 toe wiggling video
2:10 video of going down the spiral stairs
15 pics taken in the Apartment
2:45 of crutching in the subway
3:40 in the park by the Foutain
20 pics of out at the mall and the park

NWB LLC Folder contains:
0:40 cast rubbing video
0:30 hopping video
6:20 video of how sensitive my leg is
1:30 sock video
0:35 tights video
25 tights and sock pics
15 cast pics

Plus a folder full of my IG stories and updates :)