My Weekend COVID-19 Getaway Castventure

Casual Life
Daily Struggles

22 Public Portraits at a hotel, and down on Fremont


16 Videos/ Clips

1. Struggling onto the Bed
2. Eating Chips in Bed

3. Drumming with Hangers

4. Posing in the Sun (Sole Shots)
5. How high does it go?

6. Knocking

7. Smoke Break - and the struggle inside 

8. Struggle for Tea

9. Sun on My Casts

10. FULL Wheelchair Stroll Video

11. Will you put my socks on for me?

12. Tiktok

Boomerang at the Bar - Can’t reach with my chair 

Boomerang in Bed Excited
Boomerang on Tummy
Boomerang in Bed

Included by Request - 5 Dip Pics **

I will email you the link to a Google Drive folder within a few hours of you placing the order <3

Pink and White Sport Sock DLLC