My first Canadian Castventure and first time in Plaster! Also the first time DLLC’s!
What an amazing experience, finding out just how heavy and immobilizing plaster is, and realizing how much care I need. I started with one straight LLWC and an angled NWB LLC, but then transitioned to two pointed LLCs.

I spent two days in bed with my legs up in traction doodling my casts with Alice in Wonderland themed art. Then did a Alice in Wonderland themed shoot, all from my bed as it was a struggle to get around much. 
Alice in wonderland is one of my fav’s. That shoot is included in this folder as well as some of my other bed pics.

And even though it was tough, I still found a way to get out of the house for Canada’s Birthday (Canada Day). To celebrate I managed to get down the crazy stairs of the apartment building (video
included) and into a wheelchair to join the festivities. There are many pics and videos of being out and
about, getting pushed through crowds of people and even a video of many nice Canadians signing my
casts. Also included are and ASMR video scratching and knocking on the big casts and a video of me
describing the feeling of wiggling my toes at the end of my completely immobilized legs. This is one of
my favorite castventures and I am sure you will love it as much as I did!

Videos Included:
4:19 Comparison video describing the difference of a pointed vs straight cast $10
6:19 Plaster DDLC ASMR in Traction $20
1:33 Drawing on the Cast $5
2:17 Toe Wiggling Closeups in Traction $10
10:40 IG LIVE - talking about experience and answering questions $10
9:59 Cast Removal $5
1:52 Cast closeups in traction while drying $5

2:11 Dragged down an outdoor spiral staircase in Montral $5
3 POV Tiktoks touring through Montreal 
Many clips just wheeling through different parts of the city
3:31 video of strangers signing my cast as I tell them my injury story $12


60 Pics - Casual, Daily life, publicing, in a wheelchair downtown, at a festival

2 Boomerangs

You will love this set if you love wheelchairs, plaster, dual legs, traction, asmr, and cast art. 

Plaster DLLC