I thought I would try something fun this time, a story of a chance encounter that leads to one sexy stay at a resort with a beautiful stranger in a SLC and on wooden crutches.
This full folder includes 69 Photos and 50 Minutes of Video! Features 12+ Outfits, Wooden Crutches, Tights, and Full Nudity.

Chapters 1-6 (NICE)  50+ Photos / Over 35 minutes of Video

Chapter 1: Crutching in a Sock:
10:15 Video: You follow around a girl you see crutching around downtown getting full body shots and closeups on her toes. She is on wooden crutches and has leggings and a fuzzy sock covering what you assume to be a SLC. You watch as she crutches down sidewalks, across streets, as she stops many times to rest, as she goes down stairs and even as she goes inside an office building and up an elevator.

Chapter 2: The Airport Meeting:
5:00 Video - You see the same girl crutching around at the airport, this time without a sock. She is wearing a beautiful new purple SLC. She crutches over to the table directly across from you and you watch as she struggles a bit. She catches you staring and asks you to come over and sit with her. You end up with her casted toes in your lap for a few moments before she must go to catch her flight. Will you ever see her again?

0:13 Video - Then when you go to your gate, you see her on the ground stretching and touching her toes. It appears she is going to be on your flight!

Chapter 3: The Resort:
This is unbelievable, she is at the same resort as you! She is in a new dress every night and begins to rock her cast with tights. She starts to catch on that you are not just into her toes, but that her crutching has been driving you wild. She makes crutching videos with you, and starts to text you photos and videos teasing you with her casted toes.

1:40 Crutching in Black Leather Dress with Tights 
1:41 Crutching in Flower Dress
:55 Crutching in Short Green Dress
4:42 Toe Wiggling Clip

2:33 ASMR 

1:26 Toes on Your Lap

Chapter 4: WaterPark
1:27 Video of cast, while riding to the waterpark
2:52 Video of her floating the lazy river in a tube. In the background you can hear people talking about the cast, and being careful around the poor broken woman not to get her cast wet.

Chapter 5: Bowling

5:26 After she gets dressed up in a beautiful red dress with tights, you take her to a bowling bar. Watch as she hops and eventually limps around as she figures out how to bowl with such a handicap.

Chapters 6-8 ( NAUGHTY) 19 Naughty Photos including Full Nudity / 12+ Minutes of Video

Chapter 6: Her Room
Unaware of the secret camera you have in her room, she starts to send you sexy pictures.

3:13 You setup a secret camera in her room, and you catch her walking around on her cast when no one is there while she puts away some clothes and makes her way to bed. While in bed you watch her sleep from underneath her toes.

3:39 Your camera also catches closeups on her toes as she dries them with a blowdryer while getting ready. Midway through the clip, her towel gets loose and falls to the ground but she pays it no mind as she continues to dry her cast, hop around, and get ready naked.

Chapter 7: Foam Party
You can’t make it to the party, so she makes sure to tease you as much as she can.

2:50 Public Toe Tease - In the middle of the swimming pool at the pool party, she sets up her camera and makes you a sensual toe tease video from the underside of her cast while surrounded by foam and people.

2:00 Walking on her wet cast in her swimsuit on the way back to the room.

Chapter 8: Leather & Tights
It appears she has found your hidden camera, but instead of getting upset, just turns up the heat.

:34 Crutching Wearing Nothing But a Cast and Tights
2:20 Putting on tights in the nude and then posing for the camera in provocative poses. 

Purple SLC- Chance Encounter