I was put in a beautiful shoulder spica by @Cast_Daddy Fall 2019', and it was an absolutely wonderful experience. The cast itself was so amazing. I have never had my arm so immobolized, and the entire time I had to relearn and adapt to a whole new way of movement. I was so lucky to have someone to help me, because it was a challenege.

On this castventure we went to explore beauitful Nova Scotia. I wear my pink and blue shoulderspica with pride as we walk around in public. It was so comfy and it kept me so warm, I absolutely loved the way it felt. 

This set includes:
Tons of absolutely beauitful pictures of me modeling my SS as I public down the boardwalk, into restaurants, at bars and at a small concert.

A photoshoot of me with a soft neck brace, air cam boot, and air cast stirrup, and an arm brace helpless on the bed. 

A total of 4 minutes of videos of strangers signing my cast, and asking about my injury or telling me about theres.
8 minutes removing the SS in the hotel bathroom. 
Over 1 hour 17 minute application video. 
Cute TikTok
Other short clips:
Me being fed at a restaurant 
Wheelchairing through crowds
Packing my suitcase with the SS 
Wiggling fingers and talking about it being comfy 
Close up of my sticking my hand inside the bottom of the SS
Struggling to put on my own sock. 
Struggling to open a soda.
Clips talking about the little struggles I run into. 
Talking about being nervous going out in public. 

Getting help smoking a joint.
Waitress signing my cast. 

Videos of me making friends with strangers. 
A few clips of me asking for help in Spanish. 
ASMR video running my nails across it.
Video desribing how I slept. 
Dancing TikTok 
Getting help doing my makeup 
Publicing at an Oyster Festival and trying my first oyster. 
Playing PingPong 


Shoulder Spica